Adapt Or Die

Charles Darwin wrote in his book The Origin of Species that those species who adapt to their changing environment have the best chance of surviving. Now more than ever I think that this statement is something to live by.

I have found that with the rapidly changing world, as designers we really need to be aware of changing processes and ideas in order to keep our work relevant and purpose driven.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

I have recently moved from South Africa to the Netherlands, not only have a I moved to a completely new geographical context, but it is also a very strange time in the world. We are facing a global pandemic which brings with it a whole set of its own problems, such as uncertainty and fear, but it also bring opportunity to work towards change.

With new covid regulations and so many other factors influencing my life right now, this research has pushed me to be quite introspective. Firstly, how can I network, which is an outwardly action in a time where we are advised to isolate. Then how can I facilitate collaborations if I myself am not sure of what this new exciting place has to offer.

Overwhelmed by the thought of having to trying to replicate, in a very small amount of time, the kind of knowledge that one would need from having lived here for a while made me decide to speed-date with Rotterdam. I am stuck at the idea that I think I should know how to do it, but the whole point of me being here is to learn better ways to do it and to document that journey. 

I asked myself how I must adapt to ‘survive’ here? And now? I recently found myself in bit of a creative block and struggling to contextualise my work in my new geographic context. I thought the best way to combat this would be to explore my surroundings and essentially try to gather as much information and knowledge as I can and quickly.

My aim was to gather photographs, thoughts, ideas, videos, drawings, notes and anything else that I find interesting and then linking it to my research. I mentioned at the start that I wanted to start categorising better and this is where it started merging into the way that I work in some ways.

I loved how the whole city was reflected in this bowl. This image was taken very early into my relocation since different people have told me different stories about this place.

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