My Information Landscape

Within my research and design process I like to look at and use different types of media, I think it is important to gain context of those different forms of media, their possibilities and constraints.

My information landscape always consists of using my surroundings as a way to gather visual inspiration through videos or photography. I often find myself taking photos of things that link back to ideas and knowledge that I have gathered in other places. Being outside and taking in your surroundings is a great way to contextualise yourself within the space and society. Visual queues are everywhere and I like to pick up on these in hopes to be able to speak to a specific audience or target market successfully.

What more do you need to say.  

Getting insights and opinions from like minded people and thinkers is integral in order to debate and disagree. To be able to get to the root of any issue, social or otherwise, we need to ask the hard questions and debunk false or unethical information. 

Throughout my studies I have gathered many academic papers. I find these very helpful in explaining and justifying any ideologies or philosophies. When there is a good basis for you to work from and look back to it streamlines my writing process and formulating of insights and ideas. 

Podcasts are quite a new thing for me. I think being in The Netherlands has opened my eyes to this form of communication AND I LOVE IT. The change my in environment and self isolation has lead to some great discoveries in this field. As someone who prefers to send voice memos rather than typing, I think there is so much to convey when you talk and when that is in conversation with an expert of some kind, I tend to grasp ideas better. Tone of voice is an important part of conveying any message or sentiment. The other benefit of this media is that is has shown me how to go about asking questions or structuring an interview. 

Youtube is a great place for further explorations and closely links to podcasts in terms of the humanity behind the media and actually being able to associate with the information.

Staying in touch with the world around us is not only a cornerstone of UBUNTU, but it is the only way to gain a wider perspective and to create your own opinions on specific matters.

My peers will also be a very important for me in gathering relevant knowledge.

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