Questioning my purpose and role

As I reflect on this semester and what it has mean to me and my research a few things have been made clear. I am only what I am, but I can mould that in the direction that I need for that season. I have looked at the challenges that my research material offers to my current audience and I realise that even I might have the same questions and reservations.

What is Ubuntu. What is my own connection to it.

I really had to take ownership of this really broad idea and where I was struggling to find a way to explain this foreign philosophy in a new context, I kept finding myself trapped in the web of relevance and asking myself if I am just culturally appropriating. What is my ownership over this philosophy?

I went back to the essence of why I applied for this master and what it is that I see myself doing as socially responsible designer, and therein lay the answer. My work is always about social responsibility and finding or creating equal opportunity.

How can I do this in this new space and place? I have an opportunity to facilitate connections and collaborations, one because of who I am as a person. Talkative, outgoing, inquisitive. 2 because of the network I have at home and can hopefully start establishing here.

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